My Hero’s Riddle

31 May 2023

Programme: Erasmus+, KA152-YOU – Mobility of young people
Project leader: VIA Civic – Bulgaria
Duration: 10-18 September 2023

Aims of the projects:

The intense training program allows the participants to reframe their personal stories and reconnect with themselves and nature. The focus of the project is on conflict resolution and outdoor experience. The intention of this training course is to facilitate a transformative journey. It aims to provide multiple paths for self-exploration and reflection, enabling one to forge a deeper connection with the authentic self and the role of a youth worker. The program will be a combination of robust non-formal education methodologies such as experiential pedagogy, nonviolent communication, the art of hosting, storytelling, sociometry, forum theatre, action methods, conflict resolution, outdoor learning, and more.

Summary of the project:

Representatives of our association spent 9 days in the mountain town of Dobrinishte, taking part in the project “My Hero’s Riddle! From the roots of conflict to the peak of resolution. It concerned conflict resolution, but its topics also included other issues – from contact with nature to broadly understood personal development.

During these 9 days, participants could learn what NVC, i.e. non-violent communication, is and apply its techniques in practice. During the project, they were also introduced to the stages of human reaction to unpleasant events.

Participants took part in workshops on emotions. They learned that each of them stems from a need. During the classes, they tried to play the role of an observer who tries to reconcile both sides of the conflict. A very interesting session was also the one that touched on the topic of “Limiting beliefs”, i.e. our beliefs that limit us.

Some of the sessions took place in the mountains, which made it easier to listen to your thoughts. During them, participants learned more about, among others: systems, connections in nature, and their reasons for participating in this project.

An important element of this trip was “The Solo Night”. During it, the participants slept in sleeping bags under the open sky in a clearing in the mountains. Each of them was distanced from other people to have space for their thoughts. This experience was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience for them.

In the last stage of the project, the classes concerned the ability to present oneself and communicate with other people. The participants received many valuable tips from the “King of improvisation” – Zlatin Tsvetkov. Sharing each other’s stories was also a very important part of the entire course, so as a culmination of the time spent in Dobrinishte, the project participants took part in the “Story Telling Fest”.

On the day of departure, the two Kasias also visited the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, where they had the opportunity to see the places this city is famous for.



Welcome to Bulgaria!

Fantastic people, landscape, workshops. I’m very glad that I was part of this project. What I liked the most was the international integration and workshops about non-violent communication and about our limiting beliefs. Now I know how to make a valuable conversation and how to deal with my negative beliefs. Also, the solo night was an unforgettable and life-changing experience. I met amazing people and had the best week ever!
Kasia Zarychta

Thank you!

These nine days in Dobrinishte were amazing. I found out more about myself and people in general. I loved especially the sessions about ‘limiting beliefs’ and presentation skills, but all of them were great. I will always remember the incredible people I’ve met, the delicious food I’ve eaten, the beautiful places I’ve seen and the really useful course I’ve attended.
Kasia Stępień


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