19 May 2024

Program: Erasmus+, KA152-YOU – Mobility of young people
Project leader: Change Your Life Now (CYLN)  – Greece
Duration: 11 May – 18 May, 2024


Project goals:

Project progress:

Day one: Kalimera!

The exchange began with various games that helped the participants get to know each other better and find out what the youngsters think about the topic of gender equality. The hosts prepared several activities that brought the participants closer together and introduced nice atmosphere, while hooking them on the main idea of the project.

The youngsters were then introduced to what Erasmus+, Youthpass, or ESC really is. It was also established what principles and values the participants will follow during the project. The next point was to discuss participants’ expectations of the exchange.

Day two: Activities on the BEACH

The morning was greeted by the youngsters on the beach. The hosts prepared interesting energizers that awakened the participants for the rest of the day, and also introduced an element of integration.

That day’s workshop focused on gender stereotypes. Participants divided into international groups created posters analyzing this issue. This was followed by a debriefing, during which all groups presented their work and discussed their conclusions.

The day ended with an intercultural evening of Poland and Lithuania. Representatives of both countries presented cultural elements such as music, dances, but also snacks related to their country.

Day three: Different country – different perspective

First thing in the morning, right after breakfast, in order to stimulate all participants to action
some interesting energizers were prepared. Then when everyone was ready for action, there was a discussion on gender stereotypes, referring to the previous day’s conclusions.

Later, workshops took place in groups to discuss discrimination, as well as violence related to gender inequality. Each country’s perspective was compared, and how violence manifests itself in daily life and work was discussed.

The day ended with an intercultural evening of participants from Italy, Greece and Romania. As usual, these countries presented elements of their culture and there was plenty of fun!

Day four: Workshops on discrimination

Another sunny morning in Chania began with a walk around the campground, during which, in pairs, the youngsters discussed what solutions there are to the problem of gender discrimination among loved ones, in the local community and, ultimately, at the level of national policies. This task helped to generate new ideas for combating discrimination, but also to see the differences in how different countries approach the subject.

Then it was time for the workshop, during which participants learned about the interrelationships between stakeholders, NGOs and civil society, local communities and the media in terms of impact on building an equal society. After the break it was time for the energizer and working on projects in groups. The task of each group was to create in turn: a video, a photo, a description, a song and a booklet.

In the evening youngsters shared their reflections on the day and took advantage of the beauty of beautiful Chania, going for a walk at sunset

Day five: Community interviews

First thing in the morning, the participants went to the center of Chania, where, after being divided into groups, they were given a task. It consisted of interviewing local residents about the situation of gender inequality in this very region. The survey included questions about residents’ personal experiences, their views, and suggestions for solutions that could improve the current situation. It revealed the diversity of people’s views depending on their age, gender and different living situations.

In the evening, a DJ was invited to the camping area, and participants had the opportunity to participate in karaoke organized by their Greek hosts.

Day six: Time to say goodbye

The youngsters greeted the final morning again at the beach. After some fun activities, it was time for the final workshop. Youth in groups summarized the project and the knowledge they had gained. Participants rallied with their insights on the exchange.

The last goodbye took place during the evening barbecue. There was the last task for the participants: prepare themselve to go back home!



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