6 March 2023

Program: Erasmus+, KA2 – Partnerships Cooperation in the field of youth
Leader of the project: Greece – Change Your Life Now – CYLN
Mobility: 30th April – 7th May, 2023

Project goals:

-To deepen the young participants’ knowledge of democratic values and deepen their understanding of the European Union through art

-Understanding the meaning of terms used in political documents, articles, news and discussions about democracy and the European Union.

-Expanding knowledge on terms such as democracy, and European Union.

-Strengthening participants’ competencies, civic activity and social involvement.

-Promoting inclusion and diversity through training in democratic values.

-Improve participants’ expressive skills.

-Increasing creativity and culture

Summary of the project:

On 30.04 – 07.05 we took part in a youth exchange in Chania, Greece. DemocrART – democracy and art, that’s what our participants did during the youth exchange from 30.04 to 07.05. The classes allowed the participants to express their thoughts and feelings about democracy in an artistic way. Through tasks such as: creating a mural, writing a story, creating TikToks, and even a theater performance, we talked about democratic values and our sense of European identity. Participants also summarized their skills and experiences by recording a podcast and developing an e-booklet.

There was also room for discussion, which was prompted by the screening of the films. Young people talked about important moments in the history of democracy, about the differences between democracy in ancient Greece and the modern one, and about the importance of active participation in European elections. The exchange of views also took place during a public speech. Young people presented their works to the local community and interviewed them about their feelings about belonging to the EU.

In addition to gaining new skills and knowledge, we had the opportunity to learn about the culture and traditions of partner countries during intercultural evenings.



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