YEAH! – Youth Exchange on Adolescent Health

31 May 2023

Program: Erasmus+, KA152-YOU – youth mobility
Leader: Youth Association FILIA
Duration: 1st of July 2023 – 10th of July 2023

Poland – Association Reflections on Europe
Spain – Municipality of Caspe

On July 1-10, ROE delegates participated in a youth exchange in Caspe, Spain called: “YEAH! Youth Exchange on Adolescent Health. The exchange was part of the Erasmus+ project and its leader was the Youth Association FILIA.

The aim of the project was to broaden the knowledge of mental health among young people and to teach them to freely talk about topics in this field. Every day, participants took part in workshops on different topic, i.e. self-esteem, mental disorders, perception of one’s own body, eating disorders, addictions, dealing with emotions and stress, and the impact of social media on our psyche. During the workshops, participants used various forms of activities: creating posters, short films, and presentations, conducting surveys among residents and analyzing them, working with children who speak a foreign language, completing self-acceptance cards, field games, etc. Most of the tasks were carried out in different groups so that everyone could integrate and share their ideas and views. One of the most important aspects was that all activities were conducted in English, which allowed our representatives to develop their language skills.

It is also worth noting that our 15 Polish representatives lived in the homes of Spanish exchange participants, which gave them a chance to learn about the culture and customs of Spain. Participants could also learn more about regional snacks during the Cultural Evening, where Poles tried Spanish snacks and Spaniards got snacks brought straight from Poland. In addition, during the Cultural Evening, young people from both countries learned national dances from each other and gave presentations about their countries. Another part of the exchange was trips and physical activities. On the fourth day, the young people spent a day on the Ebro River, where they could experience and learn new water activities, and on the sixth day of the project, the participants visited Zaragoza, where they visited the Aljaferia Palace and learned about the history of the Iberian Peninsula. They also took part in an intense, long walk near the Guadalupe River.

On the last day they visited Barcelona, had a chance to see Sagrada Familia, and Camp Nou stadium and walked through La Rambla.




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