Youth, Camera, Action!

Program: European Solidarity Corps
Project leader: Reflections on Europe
Place of action: Starachowice
Timeframe of the project: October 2019 – November 2020

The project was initiated by young people involved in the film club from the High School no. 2 in Starachowice and in the Youth City Council in Starachowice. We wanted to engage the local Community through film art. We aimed at making films about variety of subjects. It showed different issues from different perspectives – Starachowice, European Union, social activities of young people, etc.

We saw the need for greater involvement of passive people who do not have any interest in socially important questions. We aimed at creating a body of knowledge and understanding of the needs and problems of the people form local communities.  We also want to raise awareness about our city, the European Union and social activity. Our objective is to improve our skills. Young people with less opportunities (financial or geographical aspect) also participated in the project. We wanted to become more involved in the social life of our city and neighborhoods.  We wanted to activate and educate the local community members, such as peers, residents, elderly people, etc. Our desire was to improve our film-making skills and social competences, demonstrate our activities to a wider audience.

The activities were focused on young people (film club, Youth City Council of Starachowice, school youth), the residents of Starachowice and Starachowice County, the elderly people from the Senior Council and the senior clubs. Young people have increased their skills and competences through their own films.  Working on the organization of the Youth Film Festival, though them event logistics and task planning.  We wanted to activate passive young people (participation in films and at the festival), older people (participation in films, education through new technologies), other residents (social inclusion of those who are not involved).

Special thanks to our youth – Tomek Frolovs, Daniel Nowara, Piotr Różycki, Julia Linek, Paulina Wojteczek and our coach – Hanna Zapała

Our project was granted for National Agency for one of the best practice in European Solidarity Corps projects, below you can find the publication (only in PL, page 34-35)


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