V.I.P. – Very Important Participation

Program: Erasmus+,KA2 – Small scale partnerships on the field of youth
Project Leader: Socialinio Tvarumo Akademija – Litwa
uration: Marzec 2024 – Luty 2026

Partners :

Project Summary:

This project was developed in response to the low participation and interest in European Union affairs of young people from Lithuania, Poland and Estonia.

The goal of the project is to equip young citizens with the knowledge, skills and motivation to actively participate in democratic processes in Lithuania, Poland and Estonia, as well as the European Union as a whole. In achieving the goals of V.I.P., we are working to foster a culture of civic engagement, strengthen democratic values, and ultimately increase youth voter turnout in European Parliament elections.

Project goals:

-Increasing youth awareness of participation in emocratic processes

-Stimulation of civic activity among young people

-Comparing the level of activity and ways to encourage young people to participate in elections in Lithuania, Poland and Estonia

-Supporting the culture of civic engagement

Main activities:

Project progress

1. Study visit in Brussels

On April 20-22, Iga, Karolina, Dominika, Bartosz, Igor and Piotr took part in a study visit to Brussels Together with young people from Lithuania and Estonia, they learned about the history of the EU, European institutions and found out that the EU is really at our fingertips.

On the first day of our meeting, courtesy of MEP Adam Jarubas, our young people had the opportunity to see the European Parliament building from the inside. They saw places that are not available during normal sightseeing and also what a normal day at the Europarliament looks like, how our MEPs work on a daily basis and how the most important decisions for us are made. They also had a chance to participate in a meeting of the Subcommittee on Public Health, of which Mr. Adam Jarubas is chairman. We sincerely thank Mr. Adam Jarubas for this opportunity, it is probably one of those visits that our youth will remember for the rest of their lives!

In the following days, they again went to the Europarliament where they met with Robertas Pogorelis – a lecturer and administrator at the EP, who introduced the young people to the EU institutions and then went to the Parlamentarium – an interactive multimedia exhibition. In addition, they also visited the European Youth Forum, where together they discussed the problems faced by young people in our countries and how to remedy them. The next point of the day was the House of European History, where, through a tour and interactive exhibits, they learned how Europe was founded and its history over the years. At the end, together with the partners and the youth, they had time to discuss and debate the next steps of the project.

As you can see, there was a lot going on and more to come – this visit was just a prelude to what we have in store for you! Soon we will be announcing invitations to more initiatives – believe us, it will be happening!

The project is financed by the Erasmus+ program, with funds from the European Union

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