Next STEP to Europe

Program:  CERV – Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values 2021-2027.
Project Leader: Stowarzyszenie Rozprawy o Europie
Duration: 1.05.2024 – 30.10.2025

Partners :

Project description:

The “Next STEP to Europe” project is a sequel to the “First STEP to Europe” project. Like its first version, the project aims to increase young people’s awareness of participation, democracy, the functioning of the European Union and its future. Other topics covered by the project include climate and environment, and even disinformation.

Project goals:

-Raising youth awareness of the European Union

-Discussion on the future of the EU

-Creating an informed and educated society

-Familiarizing young people with important topics such as democracy, solidarity, climate, environment, disinformation

-Dialogue on the essence of democratic participation

Main activities:

-Eco-Festival – outside event regarding ecology, including discussions, debates, exhibitions, eco-actions

-Meetings in Poland, Spain, Italy and Greece

-UNconference – the unconference format creates space for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration, creativity and increase engagement as attendees provide the topics. This type of conference is entirely participant driven, so young people themselves will choose what they want to talk about. Discussions, working in groups, presentations, open space.

-Study visits


Who among you remembers the “First STEP to Europe” project that we implemented in 2022 and 2023? Some of you probably started your adventure with us with this very project!

We have great news – we are officially announcing that the continuation of this project i.e. “Next STEP to Europe” has received funding from the EU program CERV – Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values 2021-2027.

We will implement the project in excellent partnership with our friendly organizations from Italy – MOH, Greece – Innovating Activities for Innovating People – Kdetyd, and Spain – IDEA Alzira. We officially start with the project from tomorrow and as part of the project we have ahead of us meetings in Poland, Spain, Italy and Greece during which we will hold competitions, festivals, anti-conferences, workshops, campaigns, study visits, as well as a concluding conference “I, a citizen of Europe”.

The project aims to raise awareness among young people on topics such as democratic participation, the future of the European Union, solidarity, climate and the environment, and countering misinformation.

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