How to become a digital entrepreneur?

Program: Erasmus+, KA2 – Partnerships Cooperation in the field of youth
Project leader: Youth on Board – North Macedonia
Timeframe of the project:  January 2023 – October 2023

Main aim of the project: The project aims is objective is to prepare young people from North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Poland to become future digital entrepreneurs.

Objectives of the project: The project placed a strong emphasis on fostering youth-led digital entrepreneurship. Combining non-formal and formal education methods, the program equipped young people with the digital skills they need to retrain and upskill so that they can grow their own businesses, be employed in digital enterprises or a company that intends to reap the benefits of digital transformation.

Summary of the project:

The overall intention of the project is to combine digital and entrepreneurial skills for the professional upgrade of young people from North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Poland making them ready to start their own local companies thus making them leaders in the economic market.

The project contributed to the digital transformation of society and the entrepreneurship community through the development of digital readiness, resilience, and capacity of the young people who are the main target of this project. The young people passed through several different modules and mentorship sessions that prepared them to become future digital entrepreneurs.

The training program included the following modules: data analysis, digital marketing, digital skills and e-leadership, entrepreneurial culture, data protection for businesses, digital business environment, data protection, a prototype of the business idea, and mentorship module.

The project led towards inclusion and diversity in all fields of education, training, youth, and sport through the involvement of the project partners and targeting a diverse and inclusive group of young people who was invited to participate in the training program developed through this project.

What is behind us?

1. Online training

Behind us is an online training session titled “How to become a digital entrepreneur?”.

Future digital entrepreneurs from North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Poland learned how to create a Digital Marketing Strategy for their business ideas, what content is attractive, and what promotional channels they can use to achieve maximum promotion.

The 60 young people generated business ideas through creative problem solving and SCAMPER technology.

Building on their knowledge of digital marketing, they learned about entrepreneurship and business idea generation. They also learned about the most successful entrepreneurs, and then what skills and competencies an entrepreneur should have.

2. Training in North Macedonia

The ROE team actively participated in a training session from the 23rd to the 27th of June, during which they were introduced to digital entrepreneurship tools and knowledge together with young people from North Macedonia and Bulgaria.

All meetings were held on the Brelganitsa River, at the confluence of the Koczansko Pole and Sheep Pole basins in the city of Štip, or more precisely, in the building of the Goce Delechev University. During inspiring lectures and tasks prepared by the presenters, the participants learned in an accessible and quick way how to operate in the world of digitization in order to profit in the future.

Taking advantage of every free moment, the youngsters explored the nooks and crannies of Macedonian Štip and conquered more peaks towering over the city.

This is how Ala summed up the meeting:

“This project allowed me to gain knowledge in a field I was not very familiar with. I learned useful information about marketing, advertising, developing an effective business plan and implementing it.
In addition, I had a chance to improve my communication, teamwork and presentation skills. The project also allowed me to learn about another culture and exchange experiences with extremely interesting and inspiring people. This was my first project and has encouraged me to participate in similar events.”


3. Training program

The training program “How to become a digital entrepreneur?” includes theoretical and practical knowledge supported by examples on how to work on your business ideas, divided into two parts:

1️⃣ part is ENTREPRENEURSHIP – business models and environment as well as business idea generation.

2️⃣ part is DIGITAL MARKETING – key elements of digital marketing strategy structure and key performance indicators.

At the bottom you can find it in Polish – it is finally available in as many as 4 languages: ??????  and ??.

This document is directed to anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur but doesn’t know where to start – it contains tips and key information about the digital enterprise.

The program is available in English at the link:

4. Podcast

The podcast was created as a result of the project.

It is a conversation between Klaudia Chamera and Piotr Styczeń about what it is like to be a young entrepreneur and the importance of using digital tools in this process.

The interview is available on our youtube channel: and also on our Instagram and Facebook.

The podcast was produced by Kacper Zięba.


5. Guidebook

Something we have been working on throughout the project – a GUIDEBOOK for young entrepreneurs!

These are collected in a nutshell tips and advice for young people who want to become digital entrepreneurs.

The GUIDEBOOK includes:

  1. Creative problem solving in business
  2. Generating business ideas
  3. Digital business models
  4. Business Model Canvas
  5. Digital marketing basics
  6. Key elements of digital marketing strategy
  7. Brand strategy
  8. Social media marketing

If you want to start your business but don’t know where to start – use the guide and everything will be easier.


6. Video

During the project we worked on a video.

There are statements of the project participants and recordings from the trainings. In front of you Agata, Mikołaj, Natalia and Wiktoria about their impressions of the project.

The video is available on our youtube channel: and also on our Instagram and Facebook.

Kacper Zięba is in charge of production of this video.

The aforementioned activities were implemented with funds from the Erasmus+ program in partnership with Youth on Board Association from North Macedonia and Via Civic Association from Bulgaria.

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