Education – The Key of Democracy

Program: Europe for Citizens, European Rememberance
Project leader: ETV Eurotreviso (Italy)
Duration: February 2022 – March 2022

Project summary:

The project “Education – Key to Democracy”, was a partnership project of the Association for the Deliberation of Europe, where the leader was the Italian NGO ETV Treviso

As education is one of the foundations of democracy – education is needed to embed young citizens in democratic values and human rights, which are the essence of democracy and the European Union, this is what the project focused on.

The project involved 20 young people and 8 experts from Italy, Romania, Greece and Poland.  All of these countries in the 20th century faced various authoritarian regimes which restricted civil rights and various aspects of everyday life, starting from education.

The main goal of the project was to raise awareness and inform citizens, especially young people, about what the education system was like under different regimes and during different periods of the 20th century.

Project goals:

Main activities:

We worked to establish those objectives through informal educational activities, seminars, interviews and research in each partner country – Poland, reach and presence.

An interesting form of learning was also shared by young people through a film with seniors, during which they captured what was conveyed by an older person and passed it on to them.

Study visit to Italy

On March 2-6, 2022, Marysia, Borys, Karol, Kacper and Janek took part in a study visit to Italy, in Treviso. For several days, they discussed the impact of education on the awareness of young European Union citizens and civic engagement in various countries. With the help of an expert, the young people drew conclusions about people’s lives and education in different regimes and different periods of the 20th century. The visit definitely helped raise young people’s awareness of how important education is today, but also how important it was several dozen years ago.

Recording educational video

Our youth from Starachowice met with seniors to work together on a video about the education system in post-war Poland. For this purpose, Marysia, Borys, Janek, Kacper and Karol met with students of class 4ai of Primary School No. 10, seniors from the University of the Third Age and Mr. Jacek Tarnowski, a retired teacher, well-known in the Starachowice for his social activities. You can judge the effects of their work by yourself!


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