Let’s talk about stress!

15 July 2023

Programme: Erasmus+, KA152-YOU – Mobility of young people
Project leader: Nansen Dijalog Cetnar – Croatia
Duration: VII – VIII 2023

Let’s talk about stress! is a youth exchange for young people from Croatia, Poland and Lithuania aiming to widen perspectives and explore possibilities regarding stress management in youth.

Even though the young people come from different geographical and socio-cultural backgrounds, they have a lot in common since the stress knows no borders. By taking part in the project they will be empowered to take care of their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing by learning about mindfulness and different stress relief methods.

They will also raise awareness on stress-related problems and issues among their peers and
provide them with practical tools which will help them recognize stressors and prevent possible burnout.

APV in Croatia

At the beginning of July 2023, two of our representatives – Piotr and Iga took part in a preparatory visit for the upcoming project “Let’s talk about stress”. They started their journey in Warsaw and ended in Budapest, from where they went to their final destination – Osijek, a climatic city in the east of Croatia.

We started the first day with… sightseeing! Osijek combines atmospheric streets and huge skyscrapers. A walk around the city was the perfect way to get some fresh air and energy before the work that awaited us at the office. We had a meeting where together with the team from Croatia and Lithuania we discussed our expectations regarding the project, its assumptions and the results we want it to bring. We also discussed the rules for participants and whether they should bring towels. The next day of our visit started with the next meeting. We brainstormed and exchanged ideas. Together, we discussed the project plan and introduced changes – both minor and major. It’s time for a break and lunch in the form of traditional Croatian dishes.

The culmination of the day was a concert by a local band in the community centre and an art exhibition. Although the visit was not the longest, during its duration we managed to create many nice memories and refine the project, the results of which you will be able to admire soon during its implementation.

Training course in Croatia

On August 16-25, our youth from Poland together with peers from Croatia and Lithuania participated in a training course – “Let’s talk about stress”.

Its goal was to open up about stress, exchange experiences (because it affects everyone) and ways to fight it. Our participants lived together for 9 days in a resort located in the mountains of Croatia. There, they took part in or conducted workshops every day.

The topics ranged from mindfulness and debating to media campaigns (run by ROE). During them, they designed posters, debated, created memes, TikToks and videos, and also integrated with each other and with nature in order to calm down and relax.

They also took part in two special session sessions – forest bathing and how to relax with music.
Forest bathing is a Japanese exercise during which we unite with the forest using our senses – smell, hearing and sight. Its purpose is to open and clear the mind.

During how to relax with music, together with a drummer from Croatia – Branko Trajkov, they got to know music from a completely different side. They focused on it, felt it, and had a chance to let out all the negative emotions by beating the drums. In the end, they created and played a melody together.

During the project, there was also time for other activities. There were several themed evenings such as board games, karaoke and of course an intercultural night, during which they had a chance to get to know each other’s cultures better, tried Lithuanian and Croatian sweets and snacks, and answered and asked questions related to cultural differences. There was also a joint trip to the mountains and a stay on the ranch.

The project was funded by the Erasmus+ programme. The project leader was Nansen Dijalog Cetnar from Croatia.




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