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25 April 2023

Programme: Erasmus+, KA152-YOU – Mobility of young people
Project leader: Civil Life Association (SIYAMDER)  – Turkey
Duration: 30th of May 2023 – 7th of June 2023

Goals of the project:

Project Progress:

Day one: Merhaba!

After a journey of more than eighteen hours, the ROE delegation arrived in one of the most interesting cities in Turkey – Konya. It is a remarkable place full of interesting works of early Turkish and Islamic art, with the Mevlana Museum being a highlight.

After a rest, Ola, Patrick , Kasia, Olga, Dominik and Kasia went for a walk to explore the area. Then when all the participants were in place, it was time for ice-breaking and the first meal together.

Obrazek posiada pusty atrybut alt; plik o nazwie 24d065d0-1240-4987-9c3a-78b9e7beb494.jpg
ROE team during their walk

Day two: Introduction of the topic

After breakfast, the whole group gathered in a cozy room, which, as it turned out, was to be a place of fun, learning and debate for the next week. The first activity the hosts prepared for the participants immediately after the energizers was speed-dating. In pairs, the youngsters got to know each other, as well as the padlet platform, where they created articles about each other.

Then it was time to explain the objectives of the project and an introduction to the topics that will be covered during the exchange. The youngsters learned some facts about the impact of business, society and politics on the environment.

Then a moment was taken for self-reflection by each participant. Everyone examined their ecological footprint on their own, and later shared their conclusions in the forum.

After the break, the participants were introduced to another platform – classdojo, where the participants could work during the workshop and also take notes on the information they learned. There was a reason why young people used such solutions during the project, it was to reduce the use of paper and other resources.

At the end of the day, the participants went on a guided walking tour by a Turkish group, who talked about their traditions and the city of Konya.

Day three: Work, work, work!

The participants spent the third morning discussing the effects of society’s actions that affect the planet and the environment. Young people from different countries shared their own experiences and the ways they themselves use to help the planet in their daily lives.

Then there were workshops in groups. Each group was given a topic to work on, e.g. renewable energy sources, carbon footprint. Participants prepared posters and presentations on the topic, then presented their work to the forum.

Obrazek posiada pusty atrybut alt; plik o nazwie IMG-6284-1440x1920.jpg
Olga’s group presenting their work about pollution

At the end the whole group shared their conclusions and summarized the workshop. Everyone said what they learned during the class and what solutions they intend to implement in their daily lives.

Day four: Little Theater

The morning session consisted of an internet search for information on climate and environmental laws. Then the participants were divided into groups and tasked with preparing a presentation on how we can affect the environment as individuals, countries and the world.

After the break, a very interesting task on green-washing awaited the participants. This term describes the phenomenon when a manufacturer, a well-known person, but also an individual person lies to reality, creating himself as eco-friendly. Participants in groups had to prepare short scenes in which they presented how green-washing manifests itself in politics, pop culture, but also in everyday life.

In the evening there was an intercultural evening. The Bulgarian and Turkish teams presented their traditions. The participants prepared interesting presentations for the rest, from which one could learn a lot about the culture of Turkey and Bulgaria. At the end, refreshments were prepared.

Day five: Trip time!

After breakfast, our Turkish friends organized a wonderful excursion for all participants, during which they visited a large part of Konya. The first point of the tour turned out to be the science center in Konya. The youngsters were able to see exhibitions on space, the structure of the human body, and robotics. An interesting feature was the visualization of an earthquake, each participant could feel for himself how such an earthquake takes place.

Patryk visits one of the exhibitions

The next stop was the butterfly museum. Participants went for a walk through rooms stylized as the natural habitat of many amazing species of butterflies.

In the evening there was prepared a surprise for the participants – a performance of whirling Dervishes. It was a very interesting encounter with Turkish culture.

Day six: Ecology in practice

Another day, and thus another workshop! This time the youngsters were to create in groups projects of ecological innovations that can help the environment. The works could be made only from elements of nature found nearby such as leaves, sand, stones. All groups prepared very interesting projects, such as a water umbrella to protect crops, a homemade water filter and an ocean purifier.

After the break, another interesting task awaited the participants. This time each group was to play government. The groups were tasked with overcoming the climate crisis by making various decisions related to the country’s economy and economy.

After the workshop, the group went to the sports center in Konya to watch a volleyball match between Turkey and Bulgaria.

Day seven: Zero-waste session

The next morning began with a discussion on waste and wastefulness and how it affects the environment. An expert presented the types of waste we produce and ways to combat it. The groups then made presentations on the recycling circle, or production-consumption-recycling, using a milk bottle as an example.

In the afternoon, the participants visited the Konya Youth Center to learn about the activities of the city’s active youth and see how they work on a daily basis. It was extremely inspiring. The center turned out to be a space dedicated to developing the talents of local youth. Inside, you can find many themed rooms, such as a photography room, a computer room, and a music room.

At the end of the day, the team from Poland prepared their cultural evening. We told about Polish traditions, as well as art. There was no lack of learning our national dance – the polonaise.

Day eight: Evaluation and little trip

The last day of the exchange was an evaluation of the project. Participants exchanged their conclusions and what they learned during the exchange. An interesting activity that the expert prepared at the end was the signing of environmental agreements. Each participant wrote out the rules they will introduce into their lives to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

The youngsters then went on another excursion. This time the group’s task was to clean up a body of water.

Obrazek posiada pusty atrybut alt; plik o nazwie IMG-5648-1920x1440.jpg

The next point of the trip was the beautiful village of Sille. The youngsters visited an amazing village surrounded by ancient caves.



Having an opportunity to exchange so many good practises between many different countries is such an inspiring thing.

Ecology is my passion!

The youth exchange in Turkey was really great. I had a chance to find out more about our impact on the environment and spend some time with wonderful people. I will always think about that time in a warm way.


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